Integrated Risk Management

by | Aug 17, 2022

Brayn AEC Summit
Integrated Risk Management – Captives, Risk Transfer & Retention, Business Practices
June 12 – 14, 2022
The Talking Stick Resort – Scottsdale, Arizona
Course Description
The presenters will engage participants in common fact scenarios using Integrated Risk Management practices that include Captives in their Overall Business Plan.
Too many businesses limit themselves to commercially available insurance and the typically “included” claims management and prevention services to be provided. For many businesses, coverage and the level of claims and prevention services fall woefully short of expectations. Captives, and other non-traditional insurance and risk management practices can deliver more effective risk management protection, but they can present different concerns. For example, some, but not all captive insurance companies are under intense IRS scrutiny, and with good reason. To help participants decide whether a captive insurance company can be suitable for their business, our introductory course will cover:
–When does a captive make sense? and why?
–What services need to be included and how should they be contracted?
–What tax and legal issues should be addressed?
–How can Captives affect available cash and bank financing? Is financing available?
–What’s the difference between commercially available insurance and insuring my business model?
–Can I purchase supply chain shortage insurance? And will it pay?
–What about adverse banking conditions insurance?
Learning Objectives:
1) Captive Basics and your business: Business Suitability, Accounting, Tax.
2) Explore examples of structured Risk Management services that provide efficiencies and results.
3) Surface awareness of 831(b) “micro-captive” tax issues (do you want that with fries?) and basic requirements to avoid these problems using an 831(a) captive.
4) To pool or not to pool, that is the question.
Attendees are typically Owners and C Suite officers of mid-sized to larger companies with before tax profits of $10M+.